STEARMAN PROJECT PARTS LIST OF WHAT?S INCLUDEDPROJECT 98 June 2012 1. One Stearman frame in original configuration, has been bead blasted and powder coated. Frame is in excellent condition and is ready to begin mounting assemblies.2. 1 complete landing gear assembly, no damage.3. Complete set of Landing gear leg formers.4. Complete set of very good gear-leg to fuselage cowls5. BT or standard Stearman wheels and brake assemblies6. Two Stearman hydraulic master cylinders7. Two aluminum Stearman seats. Excellent condition.8. Four seat posts with mounting hardware9. Four pedal hangars with four pedals10. Elevator Trim Transmission11. One Very Good vertical rudder12. One Very Good vertical stabilizer13. One very good horizontal tail14. One very good set of elevators, not damaged15. One tail wheel trunion16. One tail wheel fork with axle17. One tail wheel strut18. One tail wheel hub19. One Complete set of six wing ?N? struts20. One pitot tube assembly21. One Complete set of wing flying wires with Clevis?22. One complete set of tail flying wires with Clevis?23. One set of Tail wire attach fittings24. One excellent Continental engine mount25. Two throttle quadrant assemblies26. One Carb Heat lever assembly27. Two cockpit Elevator-Trim Control bracket assemblies 28. Complete set of Fuel valve and Magneto Lever handles 29. Four pedal-to-bell-crank rods30. Four pedal bell-cranks31. Two pedal interconnect rods and rod-ends.32. Four Pedal adjuster interconnect channels33. One Complete NEW wing and center-section WOOD KIT set with all NEW spars34. Excellent fuel tank.35. One set of center-section struts36. Two excellent ailerons, not damaged37. Complete set of hardware for all four wings, have all been reconditioned and painted38. One long elevator push-pull tube39. One short elevator push-pull tube40. One set of two rudder cable idler levers41. One elevator push-pull idler lever42. Control stick torque tube (full length, new)43. Two control sticks with sockets44. One torque tube bellcrank or ?yoke?.45. One set of mounting brackets for control stick torque tube (with bearings)46. Two excellent instrument panel formers47. Two excellent instrument panel plates48. Two excellent windshield frame assemblies with good glass49. One very good baggage door50. Pilot and passenger bulkheads (behind the head)51. One fuel strainer52. One Fuel Valve53. NEW stainless steel firewall and aluminum flange54. Complete set of engine bell-crank channel brackets55. One oil ?Y? drain and mounting bracket.56. One Continental Oil Tank with oil thermo-well tube57. Pattern sheet metal for the flat fuselage side and top cowlings58. Four cockpit side cowls59. Lower engine ?chin? cowl for Continental.60. Continental engine Accessory cowls61. Continental engine top cowls62. Engine top ?walk-way? cowl63. Engine LH and RH ?upper? accessory cowl. 64. Fuselage front-side cowls (LH & RH) 65. One upper engine cowl former 66. Engine air-intake casting assembly (continental or Lycoming)67. Engine starter crank and primer bracket68. Two new wood Floor foot trays69. Tail-wheel cone-fairing (looks new)70. Set of Birdcages NEW?!!!!71. Complete Set of Birdcage clamps72. All of the other C clamps73. Yellow canvas cockpit-cover, NEW74. Yellow canvas tail-wheel strut cover, NEW75. And some other miscellaneous sheet metal, cable, fittings and other stuff?76. Registered Ownership papers with valid N number Stearman Project as above $38500 Also available for project

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